If you use different product groups, photocell doors that make our lives easier in different architectural structures, the size of the area is no longer important, you can choose the most suitable door type for your architecture with different solutions including narrow spaces.

Photocell glass doors Especially for hotels where pedestrian access is intense, fuel stations, shopping centers, hospitals, business centers, supermarkets, markets, banks, such as the entrance to the intense access area provides convenience.

There is no need for physical contact as normal doors to open the photocell doors. Sensitive Radars and Panic Buttons Axes Control, Card Access Systems The single or double-wing photocell doors, which are easy to use in all areas with remote control, are used to provide comfortable and safer access.

These doors, which are also known as radar doors, are preferred because their radar is opened when it detects movement of a body and closes in an adjustable short time. Photocell doors, indoor environment, external environment; both in terms of air flow, and dust and prevent the entry of the wind splits in a controlled manner. This method of use also provides heat savings in enterprises.

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